Thursday, December 4, 2008

So I am looking at the Kale's discharge papers from when he was in the hospital checking to see what it says under "diagnosis". I recall seeing something listed other than the Bilateral Microphthalmia.
And I found it. It reads "Suspect possible diagnosis maybe blepharomphimosis ptosis epicanthus enversus syndrome or BPED, microdeletion gene on chromosome 3 q".

Yeah. What?

Thanks to the Internet and Google, I just found this site, however that explains it a little better. It actually breaks down each term if you scroll down (assuming you even want to), and it sounds a lot like how Kales eyes look right now.
Ok. So now I just read something in the paperwork saying that according to the MRI done on Kale the day he was born: "Right microphthalmia; Optic nerves are relatively similar in size with the right being slightly diminished when compared with the left; the left globe (meaning eyeball) is normal in appearance".

My issue is we have been told he has bilateral micro, meaning both eyes. But that statement says to me that it's just his right eye. What the hell?

Thank god we are getting a second opinion in March.

I know we have more paperwork somewhere that gives us the actual sizes of his "globes". I'm gonna go do some Googling on what the normal size is and compare it with what his are.

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