Sunday, December 21, 2008

And so it begins

We took the little ones to see Santa at the mall today!

I'm not sure why Maile wouldn't smile. She wasn't scared, she has been super excited about it for a few weeks now. Oh, well. It's a cute picture. This is the one Mike took with our camera. We bought some from the photographer there, too.

In front of us in line was this lady and her daughter who was about Maile's age. While Maile and Kale were having their picture taken, the lady was paying for her pics. And watching Kale. Because everyone likes to watch itty bitty babies sitting on Santa's lap. No biggie. But then I noticed she had this horrible look on her face and I could tell what was going through her head: "What's wrong with him? And it took all I had not to go over there and bum rush her. So I stared at her as she stared at Kale, because I knew she would eventually look over at us. And she saw that I saw her. And then she did this fake smile. Mike saw the whole thing, too. He immediately asked me "What the hell is her problem?" After she "smiled" at me, she then looked back over at my BEAUTIFUL kids and "smiled". I wanted to be all "Look, lady. I already saw what you did. No need to try and play it off like you're not a horrible human being."

I know that people are going to look and people may even stare. But can't they do it without making me want to knock them out?

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