Tuesday, June 29, 2010


It's been a couple of months since my last post, huh?

Well, we decided to stop any future surgery for Kale. And so far things have been great with him! He's doing so well with everything. He even started walking a little bit last week--which is just such a big deal. His second birthday is coming up in September and I was hoping he'd be walking by then. Every day he gets braver and takes just a few more steps. He's getting better and better with eating, too. Still working on the bottle issue, though. It'll happen eventually.

Maile is out of school for the summer which means I will be the mother of a FIRST GRADER come August. Holy crap! Last year I was freaking out about her going into kindergarten. Now I gotta get a handle on her being in an actual numeric grade level? Yaaaaay...

Not a whole lot going on over here. Just trying to stay cool in this insane heat. Since the beach is pretty out of the question due to massive amounts of oil in the water and on the sand, we've been hanging out in our sad little inflatable pool in the backyard and at a friend's house. Yay for friends with pools! And double yay for those who invite us over! Kale loooooves the pool, by the way. He is such a water baby, I love it!

Speaking of our oily beaches, check this post out that I wrote--was featured on Lemondrop.com today.

Aiight. I'm out for now until I have more time and more stuff to post about.