Tuesday, September 22, 2009


My little man is one today!

I cannot believe the year has flown by as fast as it did. A few months ago, I got a message on Facebook from an old Gtmo friend of mine. She was telling me that her hairdresser was telling her about a friend of hers who was pregnant with a baby girl and that they already knew their baby girl has bilateral microphthalmia. So my friend got us in touch with each other and we've been in contact ever since via Facebook. Her daughter was born a week and a half ago and she is just precious. When she started to post pictures of her beautiful baby girl on FB--all the old feelings crept back up from when Kale was born. It's been a year, but all of the feelings from then are still fresh. And I still think back to that day and that week and wonder how any of us got through it all.

But here we are. One year later. Numerous tests, countless doctor's appointments and four surgeries later. A year's worth of tears--from frustration and from joy. One year of so many amazing moments from watching a big sister love her baby brother so much it brings her to tears. A year of watching our son explore everything around him, not wanting to miss out on anything. A year of watching a father show so much love and pride for his son and for his daughter.

It hasn't been an easy year, but I wouldn't change a thing when I look back on it all. It is true--that whole "whatever doesn't kill you only makes you stronger" saying. With our family and friends by our sides, we've gotten through some really tough times. And I know we'll be able to get through whatever else is thrown our way.

I am blessed. We are blessed. Somebody is watching over us--I don't know who. But I thank them.

Happy 1st Birthday, my beautiful Kale Michael.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


We're leaving in a little bit for Birmingham--Kale is having his third surgery tomorrow morning. It never gets easier, but I do seem to freak out a little less each time. Even if that means I have to avoid feeling any actual feelings. Way to be optimistic, huh? Eh.

Not much else to say. Just hoping that in the long run, this isn't all for naught.