Saturday, December 27, 2008

Infusion services?

I just got a bill in the mail for a few hundred dollars and I was confused as to what it was for. Under description all it says is "Infusion Services" and then the balance amount. It's from some place called Crescent Healthcare, Inc. based out of Anaheim, CA. There's nothing showing what insurance has paid, which is kind of odd. All of our bills always say what has been paid by them. Or so I though. Maybe I'm wrong.

Anyway. So I was going to call my insurance company but they're only available M-Th, regular business hours. I don't want to call the company b/c then they're going to want to make payment arrangements that I can't make right now.

So after thinking and thinking about what this could be for (there is no service date) and after checking out the website, I think I have it figured out. And I'm pissed.

Kale has to have this Synagis shot every month. It's supposed to help prevent RSV vaccine. His pediatrician was really adamant about having him get it. I've blogged about it before, but just to refresh everyone's memory, he's supposed to get it every 28 days, months November through April or May until he's two.

Before I agreed to have this done, I called the insurance company to make sure it was covered. Each shot costs around a thousand bucks. Which obviously we don't have. I was told it was a covered benefit as long as the provider provided a letter that the shot is a medical necessity. And I of course forwarded this information back to Kale's pediatrician. I honestly cannot remember word for word what the insurance people said, but I was under the impression that we weren't really going to have to shell out much if anything for it.

I guess not.

But there is no way in hell we can afford this on a monthly basis! And each month, his dosage is going to increase because it's dependent on his weight.

I guess I'm going to have to make a bunch of calls on Monday. It just ticks me off all over again how Kale cannot be covered by Medicaid or SSI. It makes no sense. He's a baby. How the hell can they deny him what should be rightfully his in terms of his health care? (NOTE: This is in no way an open invitation to bitch about politics. I'll delete any comments like that in a heartbeat.)

Eh. I'm just gonna make myself more upset by worrying about this. I'm done now.

Happy Holidays.


Monika said...

Ugh! I'm in a similar boat with a $900 test that they said would be covered as long as the doctor coded it "diagnostic" - but it's showing up that we owe it. Yikes!

It's so frustrating when you call ahead to the insurance company, you know, do your part, and are told it's covered, etc. and then junk like this happens. I hope it's just a matter of, Kale's doctor just hasn't gotten the letter sent out yet or, maybe it wasn't received or something simple. Good luck!!!

Love Me, Don't Eat Me. said...

Why is his pediatrician so insistant that he has the Synagis shot? I thought that was only for babies who were born preterm or with respiratory issues. Hm.

I hope you get all this figured out. It may just be a simple mistake.

kimishoe said...

Exactly. I asked the same question when she told me she wanted him to have it. I was told that it was for preterm babies and babies born with congenital heart and lung disease. She said because he was born with "congenital anomalies", she'd feel better if he did get the shot.
Who knows. I'm going to ask again if it's something that he absolutely needs and explain my situation if I can't get it worked out with the insurance company.