Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Man, I really dislike getting important phone calls when I'm not able to grab something to write everything down with. I end up sounding like a huge moron when I ask "Um, I'm sorry, but who are you again?"

I got one of those calls a little while ago while I was feeding Kale. It was a lady who is the ESE Social Worker for the Escambia County School District (that's us!). She was contacted by the Early Steps Intervention people in regards to Kale. She was super nice and seemed extremely excited about working with him. Like I said, I didn't have anything to write with so I'm sure I missed a few things she said or misheard certain things. But I think she did say that they will work with Kale's vision impairments until he graduates. How awesome is that? I mean, I guess it's no surprise that there would be help like that for Kale when he's in school. But it's still kind of cool to me that they're wanting to get started right away. And that I don't have to go out seeking the help out myself. (I'm very lazy.)

She wants me to call her after we find out the status on Kale's hearing so they can cover all the bases in treating him.

So, yay for Escambia County's ESE program!

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Linda said...

That is great news! I'm so glad that Kale will be getting the help that he needs when he needs it. I wouldn't worry about not getting everything that was said. It takes me at least a couple of calls to really comprehend things from my nurse. Give baby Kale a big hug for me. :)