Monday, December 8, 2008

Oh, is that what that's for?

Kale still does not sleep in his crib. Not that he won't, we just haven't put him in it yet. He is 11 weeks old today. I guess maybe we should get on that, huh?

With Maile, she was still colicky at this point, and well into the following month or two. So sleeping in her crib never happened. Hell, sleeping anywhere never happened. The word sleep wasn't even in our vocabulary.

But Kale sleeps fairly well during the night. He doesn't sleep through the night without feedings or anything (I honestly have no clue how other peoples' babies do), but he'll sleep for a good four hours before waking up for a bottle.

Anyway, we've had him sleeping in his pac n play in the living room since Mike and I are usually both up late. And he'll nap in it during the day, so it's more of a convenience than anything. But I know that we have to get him in that crib!

I think we're both just scared, though. Having him in another room and all, even though we have a baby monitor...
I can't help but wonder if I'm more scared because of his condition. Like, if he were just a "normal" baby, would I be okay with having him sleep in a room by himself in his crib? And yes, I hate saying "normal" baby. But you know what I mean. If he didn't have any type of disability, I guess is what I mean. Gah. I really need to start figuring out how to word things correctly.

I don't know that I'll start tonight though. Kale has been fussy since last night with what seems to be gas pains and Mike and I haven't had much in the way of sleep or rest. I swear we've taken him on three different car rides in the past 24 hours just to 'de-fuss' him and get him to sleep. Thank god gas is cheap right now.
Anyway. If I have to hold Kale tonight in order to catch some Zzz's then that's what I'm gonna do.

I guess I'll just try tomorrow. Or the next day.


Linda said...

I have no experience with this, but what's the rush to get him to sleep in his crib, especially if this is working? I don't like the word disability, as it implies limitations. I like to think that there are no limitations that one can do, just "different." There are plenty of people who are "different" that've done great things and made beautiful things and made a difference in the world, sometimes even more so than people who are "normal." God blessed you with a miracle that is Kale. I haven't even met him, and I can tell that he is a perfect baby in every sense of the word. :)

kimishoe said...

There's no rush, really. I just want him to be able to sleep in his crib. Maile never really did until she was about 9 months old even though I really wanted her to. My wanting him to sleep in his room and crib was more due to my reading on some forums about how other babies Kale's age have been sleeping in their cribs/rooms since they were about 3 weeks old. I figured I should get the ball rolling on that as well.

Also, I was just thinking that maybe my fear of him sleeping alone was partly due to me being a mother who worries, especially b/c of his condition. I totally worried with Maile when she finally did start to sleep by herself.

And I'm not upset that he's different, but I am going to worry more about him because of it. I won't even try to claim that I won't. But, I totally agree he has no limitations on what he can do (aside from driving, of course!).

And! He's sleeping in his room now! For the past two nights! Woohoo!