Monday, December 15, 2008

Courtney, Kale's teacher from the Early Steps Intervention program came by today. The visit was pretty much just going over paperwork. She came later in the afternoon so she had the pleasure of meeting Maile. It's kind of tough because Maile doesn't really seem to understand yet what the deal is with Kale. And that's kind of a good thing. All she sees is her baby brother who she loves and can't get enough of. But she wanted all the attention on her during the visit and it was kind of hard to get her to just chill out without hurting her feelings. I can tell her all day long that Ms. Courtney is here for Kale and to help Kale and she will still be all up in her space. Ms. Courtney is super nice and was good with handling Maile but I wonder how this is going to work out in the future. We have planned to have her come on Mondays since that's when Mike is off of work. And she'll have to come in the afternoons once I start back at school because all my classes are in the morning. I guess I can just move it to Friday mornings if I need to. That way Maile is in school but I won't be on that day but then Mike will miss out on everything because he'll be at work.
This is making my head hurt.

Edited because public breakdowns are never a good thing.

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