Sunday, January 4, 2009

Tomorrow should be interesting. Kale has a couple of appointments at Nemours. The first appointment he'll be sedated and they'll clean his ears out and then perform an ABR (auditory brainstem response) on him. He had this done before at Baptist Speech and Hearing but the audiologist there didn't seem to be comfortable with her results (he wasn't sedated for it). I think he may have an OAE (otoacoustic emission) test done, too but I'm not sure. He had that done three times at Baptist but with iffy results. The first time he failed in his left ear, the second time he failed both ears, and then the third time he failed his left again.

Anyway. Tomorrow after that he has another appointment with Dr. Chicola (ENT doctor) and he will go over the results of the tests with us. Hopefully we'll have some good news. I know that Kale can hear us, I just don't know to what extent. The last time we met with Dr. Chicola he told us that Kale could have failed the OAE tests simply due to "debris" in his ear. So who knows. That is why they're gonna sedate him, clean the ears out and then test him. And Dr. Chicola also told us that if Kale does have some hearing loss, it isn't severe.

I'm thinking everything is going to be okay, though. I'm relieved we're finally gonna have some answers. In that department anyway.

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Monika said...

Keeping Kale in my prayers tonight and tomorrow (and you guys, too). (((hugs)))