Friday, January 9, 2009

Good things

I cannot wait to find out what for sure Kale can and cannot see.

About a week ago, Mike had Kale on the floor in his bedroom. He would put his hand over Kale's left eye (the "good one") to block out the light and then move it away after a few seconds. Every time he'd move it away, Kale would move his own hand back over it. Pretty cool, huh? We know he has light perception in that eye, even though it's still closed. But what if he can see more? What if he can actually see shadows? What if he can actually see? Even just a little?

Since then, I have noticed that when we're in the living room and light is shining in through the windows even just a little, he will move the back of his hand over his left eye. He does this a lot.

It may just be a sensitivity to light and nothing more. And I'm okay with that. The sunlight gets to him, too but he eventually gets used to it (I really need to get him a pair of sunglasses!). But gosh, what if it's more than that?

Another thing that Kale hates? The ice machine on the refrigerator door. I was holding him the other day while I was getting some ice water and as soon as he heard it, he went nuts! So, I know he can hear something.

He's doing so good with his neck control and prefers to "sit up" as opposed to being cradled. I can actually put him in his little bumbo chair for short periods (while I'm right there with him, of course). When he's on his stomach, he hold his head up high for long periods, too.

We're currently trying to get him to roll to his sides from his back, but that seems a little slow going. This is one of the milestones we're supposed to be working on according to his teacher. But we'll get there. He's already doing so well as it is and for that I am grateful.

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