Friday, January 9, 2009

Angels watching over?

A positive post! Yay!

I remember someone telling me or reading something about when you have a baby and out of nowhere they look off into the distance and start to smile and laugh that it means an angel is there. Everyone pretty much knows that I have never been big on religion and if ever there was a time for me to be confused about all of that, that time is now. But I did like to believe that was true. I remember when Maile was a baby and this would happen, I liked that whole angel idea.

Kale smiles and laughs a lot these days. It doesn't take much for Mike, Maile or myself to get him to do it. Kisses on his cheek, his nose or rubbing his big belly or his roly poly thighs. All of these things work. Even talking to him, he gives us the biggest toothless smile.

Well, a few minutes ago I had Kale in his little vibrating chair while I was in another room and when I came back (I was still far enough away for him to think I wasn't around) he was just smiling so big. And he had his arms reached out like he was grabbing for something. This went on for a good thirty seconds or so. Could it be possible, that even though he can't see, he has his own little angel around him? If he can't see him/her, he still knows they are there? It was just the cutest thing and I couldn't help but just stand there and watch him. And smile.

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Monika said...

Wow, I've never heard that. That is too crazy cool! Definitely possible, ya never know, right? :)