Friday, June 19, 2009

Braille mail

A couple of months ago, I submitted Kale's name in the 2009 Book Angel Program for Visually Impaired Children through the Seedling's website. The program donates two free books of your choice (you actually get to pick out four titles and they ship whichever two they have in stock at that time). Their online catalog is so overwhelming and I spent a lot of time browsing through titles. I eventually found four titles and figured it would be a while before we ever received anything. Well, a few weeks ago we got a package in the mail--with Kale's first two braille books! And they were the first two titles we wanted--Butterfly Kisses and Birthday Monsters.

I had no idea what to expect--I had never seen a book in braille before. And I don't exactly know how to read it, either (but I plan to learn!). But I was pleasantly surprised to find that they are just like any other books you would find in your local bookstore, but they print out the braille on this clear tape and put over the actual written out words. It's really cool!

Another great thing about Seedling's is that their titles are super affordable and are available for all ages. I'm sure we'll be using them again as Kale gets older. I have no clue where else I would go to find so many books in braille!


Monika said...

oh wow, those are really cool!

did you know they even have braille sheet music? :D

Stella said...

Yeah, I LOVE these books. I got Butterfly Kisses from them too for my daughter Stella :-)

Heather BT said...

Don't forget to visit Seedlings site to see how to support them at your local Kroger's affiliate. Just using their discount card gets them a percentage of your bill - so they can get more books out to the kiddos.
BTW Braille sheet music is a whole different notation system than the regular system, just like the Nemeth code for math is a different system.
We love seedlings ourselves, they're local and we can actually go and shop and pick out books.
There are a couple other places that send out free braille books, too, the blind institute and the action fund are a couple that I can think of now. There were posts on the bilateral yahoo groups about it a while back.

kimishoe said...

If we had a local Kroger anywhere nearby, I'd be all about supporting them!
I'll have to check out the other sites for some more books--Thanks!