Friday, June 19, 2009

Yesterday was a super busy water filled day. First I took Maile and Kale over to a friend's pool to cool off in this ridiculous heat. Maile just started swimming lessons this week and was eager to show me what she's learned so far (Daddy's the one who takes her). I really wasn't expecting to have Kale in the water--I just didn't think he'd be into it. I was soooo wrong! I sat on the steps of the pool with him on my lap and he splashed and splashed--he was in heaven! I cannot wait to take him again. The only downfall is that I can't get too much farther in the water with him because of the tubes in his ears--doc said we had to be very careful not to get water in his ears (bath time is always a challenge).

Later on that evening, I took Maile downtown to the Sunsets at Plaza de Luna (a.k.a down by Palafox Pier) to meet Barbie and play in the fountain with my same friend from earlier and her twin daughters. I'm happy to report that Barbie was very clean unlike a certain yellow sponge in square pants. She was super sweet, too and one hell of a sport. She stuck around for a loooong time and you could tell she was practically melting in that dress. But she never let on how miserable she really was! Go, Barbie!

I really expected Maile to crash and burn on the way home after such a busy day, but homegirl was in it to win it. Wish I could have said the same, I was exhausted! But she eventually went to bed right after telling me how much fun she had!

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