Saturday, May 2, 2009

No title is worthy of the day I've had

I spent most of the morning trying to get stuff together for Maile and Kale so we could go to two birthday parties today. One was at one o'clock and the other was at two o'clock. We were going to leave the first one around two or so and then go the next one a little late. I dropped Kale off at my mom's house for the first party so he wouldn't be completely pooped out by the time we went to the second. We had only been at the party for ten minutes before my mom called to tell me that Kale's left eye conformer came out. Holy crap. He likes to rub his face on people's shoulders when they're holding him, maybe to scratch an itch or something. He also does it before he's about to fall asleep. My mom said he did it like he was tired and then he lifted his head up and "looked" at her and that's when she noticed the conformer wasn't there!

So she tried to put it back in herself before calling me, but Kale wasn't having it. So Maile and I got in the car and I rushed to get there as fast as I could. But not before a bird decided to fly into my windshield as I was talking to Mike on the phone telling him what was going on. So he got to hear me shout a loud "Eeeeeeek!" as the bird came flying towards the window and as feathers just kinda flew around. Awesome.

I finally got to my parents house and Kale was fast asleep on my mom. When he woke up I finally got to see what he looks like without the conformer. Kinda cool, I must say! It looks more natural than it ever has, that's for sure. Anyway, so after a little while my mom, my dad and I decided to try together to get the conformer back in.

It didn't work. At all. And Kale fought us the entire time. So I went into my parents' foyer by the stairwell to call and try to leave messages with Kale's ocularist to find out what to do. Next thing I know I'm being attacked by my mom's automatic Air Wick spray thing that's on the stairs. I had no clue what it was, so I had no idea that standing directly in front of it would land me in a situation where I felt as if I was getting maced. At least I smell good.

So now we're home. Mike called a bunch of other numbers we had here at the house and left messages with anyone and everyone we could think of at UAB and hopefully someone will call us back. We're just concerned his eye may get infected or it may close up. It's really red and swollen right now, but it doesn't seem to be bothering him so I guess that's good.

Anyway. It's been a long day and I'm pretty much ready for it to be over.


Love Me, Don't Eat Me. said...

Wow. I hope everything is okay. I can't believe a bird flew into your window. I felt kind of bad for laughing. Hope today is a better day for you! Hugs!

kimishoe said...

Don't feel bad for laughing. I laugh when I tell the story. Today was better--definitely!

onemuse said...

I suck, because I giggled at the Air Wick part!

Oh Lord--what a day you had, girl!