Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Please, week. Be over soon.

We had to take a trip to UAB today. Yesterday we went to see a local ocularist (Kale's ocularist referred us) who tried unsuccessfully to put Kale's conformer back in. He even made a smaller one for him and that wouldn't go in. So our only choice was to go see Kale's ocularist today. We left early this morning and made it back earlier this evening. Talk about tired.

Anyway, today's visit was pretty unsuccessful, too. Kale's ocularist tried around ten different conformers, all shapes and sizes and nothing would go in. Apparently the inside of his eye retracted in size. One tiny conformer went in, but wouldn't stay put because his upper eyelid isn't formed very well (he's supposed to have surgery to fix that). We were there about an hour and Kale screamed and screamed. And I cried and cried. By the fifth conformer I was just silently begging for them to give up already because Kale was so upset (and so was I).

After they finally decided to stop trying they called up Dr. Scruggs--Kale's surgeon--to see what she wanted to do next. She had come by earlier in between surgeries to see how his eye looked and to check on us. I really, really like her. She called me twice yesterday to check on things and see what we could do before making the trip up there. Anyway, she's going to call us in a week and let us know the next step. For now, Kale won't be wearing a conformer on that side, but we have to do everything we can to make sure his eyelids stay clean and open. It was mentioned that surgery might have to take place again on his left eye to get a conformer back in. We'll know more in a week I guess.

Okay. I'm gonna go attempt to study a little more for a final I have in the morning.

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