Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Surgery #2 scheduled

Yesterday we met with Kale's ocularists again and also with his doctor/surgeon, Dr. Scruggs. Elise, one of the ocularists, tried once again to see if anything would fit into Kale's left eye--the one where the conformer had fallen out--and it was just not happening. Everything has retracted in size and now his eyelid looks like it did before he had surgery. Elise's father, Dr. Cox, decided to go ahead and just leave his right conformer in (it's been in since he had surgery a month ago) since it doesn't seem to be giving him any problems and doesn't look like it's going to come out like the other one did. Our meeting with them was very short and sweet and so we went to see Dr. Scruggs.

She took a look at his eye and told us what we already knew: he needs surgery again. Only this time, instead of putting in the conformers like before, our only option right now is to try hydrogel expanders. They'll be sewn in and their purpose is to expand his eyelids in size. They'll expand by water, but I'm not really sure yet how the water comes into play. That's one of the things I didn't think to ask while we were there, but did think to ask as we were already on our way back home. Figures. Anyway, the expanders will stay in for a couple of months (assuming they don't come out, which is always a possibility) and then he'll have to have surgery again to take them out and replace them with bigger ones. And then again...not sure how many times it'll have to take place, just depends on how well they work I guess.
Not too excited about more surgeries...but again. Necessity. We knew he'd have to have surgery again, just not for this. If this wasn't something that had to be done--if it was all just about him "looking normal"--I don't think I'd put Kale through all of this. No, wait. I know I wouldn't.

So that's it for now. I'm sooooo glad that Kale didn't have a rough time like his last visit. He only got upset for a minute yesterday when Elise tried to mess with his left eye, but that's it. Whew!

His surgery has a tentative date of June 25th--so a little over a month to go until then. Woo.Hoo.

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