Sunday, October 25, 2009

Breakthrough (sorta)!

Yesterday my mom and dad watched Kale for me for a few hours and I gave my mom the "go ahead" on trying to get him to eat more than just baby food. I think I've just been too scared. The few times I've tried to give him stage 3 foods (the really chunky kinds), he would gag over and over again and I would freak out.

When I got back to my parents house, my mom told me she was able to get him to eat. And eat he did! Homeboy had a feast! She put some macaroni and a sweet potato in a small food processor but still left chunks all in it. She said he gagged a couple of times, but eventually stopped and was able to just eat it all. And the pudding. And the yogurt melt thingies (although we have to break them up into smaller pieces, but still).

So today I broke out the stage 3 Chicken Noodle jar that I've had stored away for when I felt Kale was finally ready for it...and he ate it! No problem! Well, except for the part where he refused to swallow any of the carrot bits in it. He would just keep them in the front of his mouth and I would have to take them out with my finger. I think it's safe to say he's about as fond of carrots as I am.

I'm sooo glad I had my mom do my dirty work for me! It never fails--if ever I have something I'm too scared to do, I just call on her. When Kale had his first surgery and had his eyes all covered in gauze and tape that wouldn't come off for anything, I called on her to be the one to get it off of him. And she did.


Today we took the kids to the pumpkin patch. We were going to do it sooner but then everyone got sick. But today was a beautiful day and we went to the one we always go to. Thankfully, they weren't completely out of pumpkins. Maile picked one out for her and picked a tiny one out for Kale. And Mike and I picked one out for us. Tomorrow we're going to carve ours and let Maile decide what she wants to do with hers. We have these pumpkin face things you can stick in it--kinda like the Mr. Potato Head stuff. But they're Halloweeny and Maile also has a princess we'll just have to wait and see what she wants to do I guess. I'll post pictures of our pumpkins once we're done with them. Until then, here are the ones from today--Enjoy!


Monika said...

ohh wow, go Kale! That's awesome!!!

I'm so nervous about introducing foods to Cai, I don't know when that will be... she still gags on her formula. =/

I looooove the pumpkin patch pictures. Too cute!

sprinkles said...

Cute pix!

Wonderful news about Kale!!!

Looking forward to seeing your pumpkin pictures.