Sunday, March 15, 2009

Maile Rose

Tomorrow my baby girl turns five! Tomorrow is actually going to be a super busy day and I doubt I'll be able to do any type of blog posting, so I figured I'd do it today.

Today we had what originally was to be a small birthday party. It was also originally scheduled to be at a nearby park, but the weather wasn't cooperating so we had to move it to the house. Ugh. It ended up being a big turnout but surprisingly, the house isn't even that messy. Maile's room is pretty scary right now, but it's not as bad as I was expecting.

We had a balloon guy come to the house and he performed some pretty cheesy magic tricks, but the kids loved it so that's all that mattered. He then made some really cool balloons: flowers, airplanes, hats, elephants, cats, ballerinas. He could make pretty much anything. At first Maile was a little shy and scared and not too down with wearing a cape and hat as she assisted Mr. Balloon Man with his magic tricks. But eventually she warmed up and really enjoyed herself. It was pretty cool and I'm glad that I remembered him from two years ago when a bunch of my friends and I went to Friday's for my friend Jill's birthday. The balloon guy was there and he came over to our table and made Jill a silly balloon hat. The majority of us being mothers, we asked him if he had a card--he did. I have had it in my wallet all this time and thought recently how cool it would be to have him come to Maile's party. It all turned out well and the kids were super stoked about it all. Big thanks to my mother-in-law for calling him, setting it up and paying for him to come out.

After the little "show" we went ahead with the cake and ice cream. No cakewreck worthy cake here, thankfully! Although there was a moment where Maile's hat she was wearing fell off and onto a lit candle. Luckily, Mike caught it before it had a chance to burst into flames.

Later after everyone left, Maile decided to try on her new DJ Lance Rock hat and glasses.

So did Daddy.

Here is Maile holding our awesome balloon flowers.

Anyway. It was a very long, but very good day. The weather sucked but not enough to ruin Maile's fifth birthday party. Tomorrow will be much more low key in terms of celebrating. She and I both have school tomorrow. Except she gets to enjoy cupcakes with classmates she actually likes. After school we have to take Kale in for his pre-op appointment with Dr. Chicola. Then we'll probably do a quick dinner of Maile's choice (I'm betting McDonald's is in our very near future). We only gave her one present this morning which was the dress she was wearing all day and another little outfit. Tomorrow we'll give her her other little gifts since it's her actual birthday. I actually need to go wrap those before I pass out...

On that note, enjoy a little video below of Maile singing a crazy version of "I'm a Pretty, Pretty Princess" while we were waiting in the car for Mike to get out of a store.

Happy Birthday, Maile. We love you more than you will ever know. You are the most amazing daughter and sister anyone could have ever hoped for. We truly are the luckiest parents to have the amazing kids that we have!


Linda said...

Awww, happy birthday to your sweet little girl. :)

Love Me, Don't Eat Me. said...

Hahaha, woooooow. That was definitely the best version of The pretty pretty princess song that I've ever heard. You have two awesome little kids. :-)

MOMSWEB said...

Sounds like it was a birthday she'll remember! If not, you have the pics to prove it (smile).