Sunday, March 1, 2009

What Busy Bees We Be

First I need to give a very public shout out to my parents. They took on three children and one baby for an entire weekend. Last weekend they took Maile and Kale to Alabama to visit my grandfather for his 83rd birthday (he had never met Kale and hadn't seen Maile in maybe two years) and picked up my cousin's kids, Wyatt and Lela on the way. During the entire weekend, my parents took care of all of them! So, seriously. Mad props to them. I probably would have jumped into the lake with a few bricks tied to my ankle, but they managed to make it back, sanity and kids still in tact.


So I'm sure I've mentioned a few hundred times or so about how busy the month of March is going to be for us. And, holy crap! Today is March 1st! A week from tomorrow, we will be at UAB for Kale's first appointment with a supposedly awesome pediatric ophthalmologist. I was telling Mike today that we really need to get a list of questions started for our visit. I'd hate to be on our way back and realize I forgot to inquire about something important to us. If anyone dealing with microphthalmia or anophthalmia is reading this, please feel free to offer up any questions to ask!

Two weeks from tomorrow, we have Kale's pre-op appointment for his tubes and he'll also have a tympanometry test done. At least, that's what we were told. The way our lucks goes, they'll have forgotten they told us about doing that test and it won't be done. But I will surely bring it up.

What is a tympanometry test, you ask? Good question. Here's something I just copied and pasted from the wonderful world of Google:
Tympanometry tests how the eardrum and middle ear are working. This test is important because fluid or other problems in the middle ear can affect hearing. During a tympanogram test, a small earphone is placed in the ear canal and air pressure is gently changed. This test is helpful in showing if there is an ear infection or fluid in the middle ear.

So, yeah. That's what that's about.

Also, two weeks from tomorrow is Maile's fifth birthday! I still cannot believe it. I will definitely be dedicating an entire blog to her on that day. What a goofball she is. She really is an amazing girl, though. And she loves her little brother so much. It's already evident how protective of Kale she is (I'll have to share that story soon, I have to have a little talk with some people first).

Three weeks from tomorrow, Kale will have tubes put in his ears. He's supposed to be tested again for hearing loss after the tubes are put in, but I don't know if that's something they will do immediately or something we'll have to schedule another appointment for. I will have to try and remember to ask about that at the pre-op appointment.

Well, that's the month of March for us. That's not including other things we've committed to (baby showers, other birthday parties), and who knows what else.

Don't be surprised if I disappear for a bit once the month is over...

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