Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Baby gurrl

Maile turned six on the 16th!!! My itty bitty is getting to be, well...not so itty bitty. Make it stop!!!

Her birthday party was a success, despite the fact that I had a mini freakout about an hour before it started. Mike ended up having to work that day so I had my hands full. My mother-in-law came over three hours early to help out but Kale was so fussy from teething, most of the time we took turns taking care of him! But it turned out great and Maile says that it was the best birthday ever!

I had gone to Target and raided their dollar bins and bought all the Easter hats, purses and gloves I could to give to the girls. I stuffed the purses with candy jewelery and other sugary treats. I made tiny cucumber sandwiches, peanut butter and marshmallow sandwiches and served pink lemonade and sherbert punch. Outside we had set up tables for the girls to sit and eat at, we had a friends jumpy house set up and we also put up a long piece of that brown painter's paper along the fence for the girls to draw and write on.

We played a couple of games, too. I had the girls race with books on their head and I also had them play a game I saw once at a baby shower that involved a blindfold, lots of cotton balls and a large spoon. They loved it! The same friend who let us borrow the bounce house let us borrow her two tubs of dress-up clothes and I put those together with what Maile already had and the girls were dressed up the entire time in one outfit or another.

My mom had bought a large bead kit and was helping the girls outside make necklaces and bracelets.

Can't forget a picture of the cake--from The Cake Shop. They did an awesome job--Maile picked it out and it was delicious.

I did feel a bit bad for making it a girls only type of party, but you could totally tell the difference from her party this year and the ones before. I did keep Maile's bedroom off limits (and locked, haha) but the girls were great! I know as she gets older she is going to be more and more picky about who she wants to invite so I guess I just wanted to control as much as I could with this party. Totally guilty, but it did turn out great and she never complained about a thing once.

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