Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Good stuff

Maile got her report card yesterday---and came home with the kindergarten version of Honor Roll! How cool is that? We had some issues the first nine weeks of school due to all of us slacking when it came to learning her sight words. But we busted those out this time around and we are all so proud of her. She got a ribbon, a certificate, a pencil and a free meal from Sonic. I'm so glad she loves school and learning--I really hope it sticks!

Her sixth birthday is about a month and a half away and I'm already trying to figure out what to do. I've talked to her about it and I think we're going to attempt to put together a small dress-up tea party--girls only. I have some good (and thrifty!) ideas, I just hope I have the time and energy to put them into effect. I'm excited, though. It's important for me to make sure she feels special all the time and to do as much as I can for her. I'm so terrified of her one day looking back with resentment for whatever reason. I never want her to feel like we never did enough for her or thinking that we were not there for her enough. Is that crazy?


Kale had his occupational therapy evaluation today and it went really well. The OT he will have is super nice and he warmed up to her pretty quick. She agreed that he has a few things we need to work on and promised that by his second birthday, he'll be diving into his cake (he wanted nothing to do with his first birthday cake)! She's going to help us with all of his feeding issues, help him to feed himself, help him with "messy play" (he does not like to get anything on his hands), help him to transition to a sippy cup and help us with figuring out how to get him cooperating during bathtime (which is a complete nightmare, oh my god...he is STRONG!). Basically any daily activity that is difficult because of his visual impairment or because of setbacks due to surgery, she is going to help us with. I don't know yet when we'll start meeting with her or how often, but I'm looking forward to it. Even though it means he'll have to meet with someone different at least four days a week (he already sees his TVI twice a week and his ITDS once a week), it's okay because he's finally going to be getting the help he needs. And so are we.


Monika said...

Yay Maile!!! And no, you're not crazy. Have I ever told you anything about my childhood? I was in Maile's position... older sibling to a younger one that needed lots of time and attention (my sis had cancer, diagnosed at age 2). Anyhow, won't get into it here in case I've already said all this -- but I seriously doubt she'll look back with resentment! I definitely don't, and there were lots of times when I had to stay at friends' houses because my dad was out to sea and my mom had to be at the hospital with my sis. I remember really caring about my sister. I DON'T remember feeling bad about what she needed. (((hugs)))

Glad Kale had a good visit with the OT. :) Yay!

sprinkles said...

Maile's birthday party sounds like so much fun! Can I come? LOL I never had a birthday party when I was her age. I hope she has a wonderful time!

I hope Kale's Occupational Therapist is able to help with all the things she says she can.

Linda said...

Oh what a great idea for Maile's 6th birthday party! I'm sure she'll look back and remember it for sure. You're a great mama and you both are so blessed to have each other!

I'm so glad that you had a great meeting with Kale's OT. Everything is looking positive!