Monday, April 27, 2009

I've been asked a lot how Kale has been doing since his surgery. I keep telling everyone that the surgery itself was the easy part. Everything following the surgery is the hard part.

Taking care of his eyes is a lot of work! Every morning I have to clean around his eyelids, around the conformers and he doesn't like it one bit. Then I have to put this medicated ointment on his eyes and he hates that, too. Then I have to cover his eyes up so he doesn't touch his eyes and get the ointment on him. Or so he doesn't mess with his left eye--he still waves his hand in front of it all the time!
We have tried every kind of bandage for his eyes and they all suck. They all claim to be "ouch free" but that's a bunch of crap! And they all leave red marks from the adhesive--latex free or not.

Today was his post op appointment at UAB. I wasn't able to go because of school--end of semester project due and couldn't turn it in late. So Mike left yesterday with the kids and my mom. They stayed overnight at my cousin's house in Montgomery and then drove to B'ham today for the appointment.

Mike just called a little bit ago to tell me how everything went. He said they took out the left conformer (the big one) and put another one in...and Kale screamed and screamed. God, that breaks my heart. We have another appointment on May 18th, and it looks like he'll have new conformers put in then, too.

Ugh. I'm so not digging this whole conformer thing! I know it's necessary, I just hope it gets easier.

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Love Me, Don't Eat Me. said...

Awww, poor little guy. He's such a sweet baby. Eventually, he'll probably get to where all this stuff doesn't bother him.